Terms and Conditions

Saffron World B.V., TERMS & CONDITIONS



All published rates are in net EUROS. Rates are non-commissionable and based on tariffs. Rates and taxes may be subject to various factors such as demand, supply, and regulations.



Saffron World B.V. will only accept booking and enquiries in writing.



All bookings must be confirmed in writing within Saffron World B.V. official email

  1. Group rates are based on a minimum group size of 20 pax..
  2. For last-minute bookings (bookings within one month before arrival) we require full payment after confirmation.
  3. Options will expire automatically on the release dates.
  4. A final rooming list is due 15 days prior to arrival. From 15 days up to 7 days a deviation of 10% of the total rooming requirement is allowed. A backdown of within 7 days before arrival is subject to 100% cancellations costs.
  5. We will do our best to meet your request for alterations to the booking which you have confirmed. However if this would involve major alterations to the confirmed arrangements, such as change in arrival, departure or accommodation, we may be liable to pay cancellation charges on your behalf. Therefore we reserve the right to treat the original booking as cancelled by you and it will be subject to the cancellation charges as shown below.
  6. If any cancellation reduces the size of the group, the rates will be adjusted to reflect the new group size.



Cancellations must be in writing and will come into force on the day it is received by us. During office hours only. Saffron World B.V. will reconfirm the cancellation. You must always request Saffron World B.V. to re-check the cancellations as proof that the cancellation has been done.

If cancellation takes place:

  • more than 90 days before arrival date, the client is not liable to pay any cancellation.
  • between 89 and 60 days before arrival date, the client is liable to pay 10% of reservation value
  • between 59 and 40 days before arrival date, the client is liable to pay 20% of reservation value
  • between 39 and 30 days before arrival date, the client is liable to pay 40% of reservation value
  • between 29 and 20 days before arrival date, the client is liable to pay 75% of reservation value
  • between 19 and 6 days before arrival date, the client is liable to pay 90% of reservation value
  • 5 days before arrival date, the client is liable to pay 100% of reservation value

However for some hotels stricter conditions may apply.



We have to issue your vouchers which will state: “Booking and payment through Saffron World B.V.”. Vouchers are honored by the understanding that each voucher states the correct information, concerning the booking details confirmed by Saffron World B.V., therefore we are not responsible for any errors or mistakes made on your behalf.



All our quotations and contracts are due to Dutch law. All disputes must be brought forward to the Dutch court. Saffron World B.V. acts solely on behalf of passengers in the capacity of an agent, therefore Saffron World B.V. takes no amenableness for candid errors or deficiency of third parties involvement. Saffron World B.V. will be limited to 100% liability of reservation value



In case of any complaints concerning the travel arrangements made through Saffron World B.V., passengers are requested to contact either their agent or Saffron World B.V. immediately. Saffron World B.V. will do it’s maximal to solve the issue in an agreeable way. In case the complaint is not solved in a satisfying and acceptable way Saffron World B.V. will need a written letter of grievance within a week after departure. Complaints of clients who have not communicated to us their problem during their stay and letters of complaints which are not received on time, will not be dealt with. 



After the reservation is confirmed by you, we require a deposit as indicated on the confirmation. The balance amount is required on our bank account at least 1 week before arrival, via bank-swift or cards.



If Saffron World B.V. is placed in the position where we are forced to take legal action to recover outstanding amounts, the incasso or juridical legal costs and lost interest will be added in full to the amount debt by the client.

Saffron World B.V. reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned conditions.


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