About Us

Saffron World is a leading provider of hotels, European tours and ground services in the Europe. We are Netherlands based company having our head office in Rotterdam and are specialised in creating high quality, tailor - made and cost effective travel experiences. The product knowledge of our staff combined with our strong network enables us to guarantee efficient and high quality services in handling Groups & FIT’S of any size at competitive prices. Saffron World has been set up by the professionals who have over 30 years experience in sector of tourism Industry.


Why Us?

We believe in philosophy that every one should live life to the fullest. We are an ever growing company which strongly believes in offering best quality services to customers with utmost care. Our experienced, enthusiastic, determined staff and dedicated consultants are ready round the clock to deliver the finest standard of service. We have extremely broad base of travel related services. Always prefer to provide innovative solutions to the customers and tirelessly endeavour to match the needs of a diverse client base worldwide. Reliability and trust are our motto.Having every detail in mind we design the travel, provide stress free itineraries, most reliable transportation and best available accommodations that best suit your needs. Since all vacations are not alike we craft your travel accordingly.


Quality services

We have full range of services to provide – conferences, groups, family trip, individual trip etc. Over the years we have established our company’s brand in the farthest corner of the word. From the core of our heart we feel the feeling of a customer when he plans a distant land to visit in holidays. He dreams for a cool and tranquil journey and a joyful return with sweet memories.The moment he plans, he very carefully thinks about the budget. So, we offer the package not beyond his pocket. With high standard of commitment we do our best for customers’ satisfaction. We are the company which in any term do justice fully. Our offers are brilliant. During journey travellers passes through new experiences – comes across various traditions, different cultural activities, folks, startling natural beauty, amazing living styles of different places. We ensures this experience to customers.



Saffron is strongly committed to diligent performance. Your vacation is not simply a holiday, we consider it as the part of your life, with this aim we arrange your journey in a way that you could enjoy and remember after the trip.

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